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Classic game drives

At our camps, you can choose from full day game drives, or two half day game drives. Full day game drives provide an opportunity for you to range a long way off from your camp. The areas in which you are staying are huge, so a full day game drive is a great way to cover a wide range within the parks. Lunch will be taken under a shady tree with only the wildlife for company. If you are not up for a long day in the car, then half day game drives are perfect for you. The areas we choose to place the camps are rich in wildlife, so great game viewing sightings around the camps are possible. You will return for hot lunch and a siesta to the camp. There is no best time to go, though temperatures are lower in the morning and afternoon, making for a more comfortable drive.


Walking safaris

We are renowned for our expertly guided walking safaris. There is no better way to experience the thrill of the bush, and no other company operating in south Tanzania can provide this as we do. Our guides are accompanied by armed rangers, and they will show you how they track the animals while keeping you at a safe distance so you can watch the game without it noticing you are there. You will develop an appreciation for the small things; you will learn about medicinal plants, see beautiful beetles and butterflies, and you will start to feel the pulse of the bush. Your ears will be tuned to the sounds, and you will soon be able to tell the difference between an ostrich and a lion (surprisingly similar!) Our circular walks tend to be an afternoon activity, exploring different areas of the bush each day, starting and ending at our camp. All you need to carry are your binoculars and a small canteen of water.


Longer duration, multi-day walking safaris (more expedition style) are possible from our fly camps. These are linear and are often supported by a vehicle carrying the camping and cooking equipment, and guest luggage. You should plan to carry a small day bag on these all-day walks. You will walk a few hours in the morning, break to set up camp for lunch and relax under a shady tree during the heat of the day watching the wildlife come to you. In the afternoon, you will explore the new area with another walk, returning to camp for a delicious dinner under the stars. You can anticipate at least 7 hours of walking each day.


Boat safaris

In Selous Game Reserve a boat safari is an exciting and unusual way of seeing African wildlife and their habitats in their natural environment. The Rufiji River dominates the Selous and spending an afternoon on the water gives you a unique opportunity to see the wildlife from a different perspective. Our boat safaris are on a small motorboat, with shaded roof cover. As you float gently along the river you can watch the remarkable world around you and you realize there is nothing quite as tranquil as a boat safari. Your boatman will expertly guide you through the channels, staying a safe distance from hippo while you relax and admire the view. Depending on water levels, you may also be able to explore the lakes as well as the main river channel. If you would like a full day boat safari, please get in touch with our team and they can arrange this for you.


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